Taking away habits

I just realised I’ve ordered takeaway on a weekday for the first time in… well, possibly this year. That, for me, is a pretty big thing as I was always one to find any excuse to order dodgy, overpriced food using the internet (because I don’t want to have to talk to people) on any day of the week.

T’would appear that whole thing about forgetting about things, or getting out of the habit does indeed ring true. T’would also appear it was easier than I expected it to be to get out of said habit – the only thing I needed to do was not do it.

Can’t preach, anyway, as I’ve given in and ordered a pizza. Shut up, I’m hungry and a diet of rice and beans is annoying me. I have a spare tenner from not going out this weekend (yes, that logic works) and I wanted to see if this new pizza place is anything like as good as Pitza Cano.

It won’t be. It won’t be.

Still, I can hope. And now I play the waiting game. And I drink tea. And I wonder if I should play Udraw Something Something Whatever It’s Called for a bit. And I run out of vaguely pointed things to say in this blog.

And so I stop writing.


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