Admit you’re wrong, prannocks

I don’t really get that annoyed with internet people, at least not beyond the initial Furious Blast that often comes out of me. To be fair, the Furious Blast comes for a lot of reasons so it’s not like it’s out of the ordinary. It happens though, and it happens because people say stupid things. But I get over that – I move on.

But one thing I find hard to get over, ignore or not be a prissy little bitch about is the fact people will go out of their way to not acknowledge when they are wrong. To not accept when they have been proven wrong. To not simply say something like “ah, sorry, my mistake” and move on.

I try and do this every time I’m demonstrably proven wrong. I don’t live by particularly different rules online to those offline – if I’m wrong, I’ll admit it. Accept it. Move on, more learned as a result. Be a fucking real person.

It’s a petty little thing and it really doesn’t actually matter, but it has irked me today, in recent weeks, in recent months, basically since the internet was invented by Al Gore*. If you are hit in the face with a fact bomb and it proves your argument absolutely wrong, it proves what you were saying was entirely false, please just at least acknowledge that.

Because otherwise I get a little bit pissy, and we can’t be having one unimportant schmo in the world being slightly miffed about something now, can we?

*Almost literally true.

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