It is approaching that fateful time when, yes, I need a haircut. Much as this may shock you to learn, I am not a fan of the haircutting process. It probably shocks you to learn I’ve written about this exact thing before, as I am an unimaginative schmuck with very little going on in his life, hence needing to regurgitate topics.

But I’m going to open this one up to the public vote, rather than just bitch, moan or whatever else it is I normally do. I want you all to decide what haircut I will get. Here, in pictoral form, are the options:

Shaved head

Otherwise known as ‘the Rollins’, it tends to make me look like this all the time. People have been known to cross the road to avoid me when I have this hair. I am not kidding.

Whatever the hell this is

And definitely not just because CM Punk has it and even though I’m 28 years old I’m trying to look like a wrestler.

Short back and sides

Because I’m boring like that.


I am often tempted to bring back the feathered and lethal flowing locks. After all, they were… umm… yeah. There.


I find it amusing how barely-hidden my gayness is in this post.

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