Tinker, tinker, tinker, SPY

I feel I should tinker more. I’m tempted to just leave it at that and let your minds fill in the blanks, but I suppose I should stretch this out at least a little bit.

I was always a fan of CDT at school – mainly because Mr Booth was brilliant, but also because I like the process of making things. Now that I think of it, I really should make more things. But this like of things and making developed into a like of tinkering – of taking things to bits then putting them back together again.

It’s not really to see how they work, though that does come as a part of it – it’s been both idle curiosity (in the lesser part) and because the blasted things have broken and I haven’t wanted to fork out to get them fixed (in the most part). My PSP, for example, wouldn’t still be standing these days if I hadn’t taken it to bits and fixed the little bitch up.

But I get annoyed with companies who are so damn protective of their shit. Yes, I understand you don’t want people to open their stuff because they might break it. I get that. But the other tinkering – that on the software side of things – that’s where it gets really annoying. Let me do what I want to do with my device and don’t force me down a tunnel of homogenised, bland shit.

I can feel this turning into a ‘and that’s why I prefer Android to iOS’, but I won’t do that. I’ll just say: I failed to fix my silver Dualshock 3 and one of the speakers on the PSP is blocked as a result of my tinkering. I am full retard with tinkering, sometimes.

Sorry, that was almost a stream of consciousness entry. I just want to play Skyrim, but I have to do this shitty War In The North bollocks OH GOD IT’S RUBBISH. I want to tinker it all the way off the nearest cliff edge (which is about 1.9 miles away).

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