Robocop: best film ever or best film ever?

Is Robocop the greatest film ever made? I mean, it includes the line “CAN YOU FLY, BOBBY?” which I’ve definitely never used in the blog I wrote a few minutes ago. It’s sci-fi, the greatest of genres. It’s not just directed by a Dutchman (great race, that one), but the best Dutchman (who isn’t Dennis Bergkamp) in the shape of hyperactive Naziphobe Paul Verhoven.

It has violence: we all like that.

It has a man whose only acting talent is a strong jawline: fantastico.

It has Red from That 70s Show: CLARENCE BODDICKER.

It’s still a cutting (if admittedly ham-fisted) satire on corporate and consumerist culture in the modern world, just as relevant today as it was back in 1987 – if not even more so as we move towards the world where the inane, catchphrase-driven shows take precedence over anything created with skill, societal decline reaches the point where the most desperate and deprived rise up and forcefully take back the streets and we move towards a country – a world, even – where essential, everyday elements of our lives are sold to the highest bidder with no concerns as to how well services will eventually be provided… damn OCP.

Which reminds me of this sketch from A Bit Of Fry And Laurie:

Anyway: Robocop is potentially the best thing that’s ever happened. CAN YOU FLY, BOBBY?


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