Digital hoarding

As you may have noticed from my recent whining, I suffered a mega-failure of my PS3’s hard drive yesterday. This means – partly through hardware fault, partly through my own idiocy of not taking available contingency options – I’ve lost five years of game saves.

First up, no – it’s not the end of days, in case any of you are tempted to show you’re flying the “GO OUTSIDE LIKE A REAL PERSON WAAAAH” colours. It’s an irritation. A minor setback. But it’s still annoying.

Second, it’s made me realise another way in which I am a massive, pointless hoarder. I’ve noticed it before with the crap I have in my room. Can’t possibly throw that away – I might use it again some time. Couldn’t think of selling that on – I might want to cradle it in my arms for fifteen hours solid one time.

Now I realise I did it with the downloads on the console, too. As we live in the future where you can download games straight to your machine, I had done that a lot. As I work in a job where I get a fair few of these games sent my way for work or just as freebies, I had done it a lot.

They all went with the HDD failure, natch.

So I went through the list, looking at what I want to redownload. I initially set out to get everything – which is about 250 downloads. At least. I quickly changed that plan.

But then, looking through the list, I realised I haven’t played any of the games on it for a long-ass time. I only wanted them so I had them – no other real reason. I can justify it all I want with claims of ‘I’ll go back to it at some point’ or whatever else, but that’s just another excuse to hoard.

So yeah, I’ve just decided to download about ten things, leave it at that. Try and curb this insanity. And yes, one of them is obviously Joe Danger. I’m happy to start that again, as it’s brilliant.


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