How to write succinctly, part one

How to write succinctly, part one:

There are some things you really can’t put into brief snippet headlines, and that’s one of them. In the case of me, it’s most things: I am nooo a good person when it comes to writing briefly or succinctly.

In fact, I was once sacked from a copywriting job (read: horrible advertising shit) after less than a day for not being able to… do it. I just can’t make my brain boil things down enough to their constituent parts.

Alright then, I can sometimes – I’m not clinically dumb. It’s just a bit of a struggle, and seems to be harder for me than it is to just churn out par upon par of nonsense shit like I am doing right now. “Par” means “paragraph” – are we learning yet?

Anyway, there’s no unifying theme to this here blog. I just saw that headline a few minutes ago and it made me laugh, and I wanted to put it on here but justify it by putting some text along with it.

And now you know. And now I’m done, I can eat and play videogames in my pants (I’m not in my pants it’s too cold for that).


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