Suggest some long journey distractions GO GO GO

I’m opening the floor to suggestions today – I have two excessively long coach trips coming up next week. Eight hours to The North, eight hours back again. And I need suggestions as to what I can do to make the time seem less like it’s taking a lot of it and making me sort of want to kill myself as if having to spend time on a coach for a while is in any way enough to make a person want to actually die (clue: it isn’t).

I’m normally good at keeping myself sane on these trips, and I’ve had a fair bit of practice. The combination of Tiny Laptop, hard drive full of films/shows, PSP, iPod (other brands of MP3 player are available) and books tends to keep me going. Especially as I can never sleep on these things.

But I’m willing to think of new things. And when I say think of new things I actually mean let you people suggest things, and that I just can’t be bothered deleting that sentence and writing it again so it makes more sense from the start and this whole wodge of text doesn’t have to be here.

So what would you suggest? Take my crack pipe? Bring along a personal DIY project and set up a small workshop just outside the toilet? Harmonica? Teach the whole bus a new groove I’ve been working on for the last few months? MORE CRACK?

I won’t listen to any of your suggestions, by the way. I’ll just play Anachronox and watch films until I get bored, then stare out of the window for four hours.

So it is written, thus will forever be is will am. Amen.


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  1. Get a free trial of Spotify Premium so you can make loads of Christmassy playlists. Download Doodle God and Doodle Devil and complete that during your journey.

    Plus surely the thought of the reward of MY FACE and a night out in SWINTON is enough to make your journey fly by.

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