Don’t worry – it hasn’t gone to my head!!!

I know it’s pathetic, and I did take the piss wholeheartedly out of myself and the idea that it matters in any way, shape or form at all (because it doesn’t), but I did still get a bit of a thrill out of hearing Jon Snow say my name on the news. Mainly because I love the man.

But I’ll try not to let it get to me. Just like last time I was on the news – my newfound celebrity didn’t cause me to think I’m above the people who got me to where I am, even if it was mainly me that got me to where I am. And now I think of it, a lot of the people I call ‘people’ aren’t actually that peopley.

No, they’re more like plebes, or filthy little animals. I mean, I can still thank those who are on my level for all the help and moral support provided. But then I think about that, too, and realise that I there isn’t anyone on my level – I have no equal. And as I’m always morally superior to everyone else in the world, moral support becomes irrelevant.

I mean, I could thank anyone, but that would be stupid. What’s the point in thanking these idiots when they never did anything for anyone else? It’s all my skill – my natural qualities – that have made it so I’m a worldwide (and wholly worthwhile) celebrity superstar. I am literally the best person in the world and I am entirely self-made in this respect.

You idiots should be thanking me for not having charged you all of your money – which won’t be very much because you’re all poor scumbags – to even glance in the direction of this blog. You damn ingrates. I can’t believe you’d plot against me like this, trying to steal my blog, my words, my very way of life.

You’ll see. You’ll all see. My finger’s on the big red button. Just you try and come for me. Try it, and see what happens. I fucking well hope you like fireworks.


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