Beavis and Butthead’s new series: IT’S GREAT (after one episode)

I wrote a few weeks ago of my love for Beavis and Butthead (and Mike Judge in general), and I am proud to report that on watching the first episode of the new series, I have not been let down. If anything, I’ve been let up. Is that a thing? I do not know. But I was it, regardless.

Aside from trying to be turned into werewolves (so they can score) by being bitten by a tramp (they mistake for a werewolf) who ends up giving them the whole gamut of hepatitises (hepatiti?), among other illnesses, there’s one thing that made me smile more than others. Others like Butthead mocking Beavis for 80 years because he saw the Bergkamp lookalike cry (as caused by “a vegetable thing… I think it’s an onion…”), they made me laugh but they weren’t this main point.

No, this was the commentary, by Beavis and Butthead, on Jersey Shore. It isn’t even necessarily what they said – it’s the fact that two returning cartoon characters; parodies of the idiotic MTV generation and in their day extreme examples of the idiocy of certain areas of society… well, they can mock the real life people from Jersey Shore.

They can mock them, and they can be in the right. Beavis can take the piss out of the fact one of the blokes is making an obvious, strained, bad knob gag – something Beavis and Butthead centres on – and it doesn’t feel contradictory or forced. It feels right.

Basically, real life has overtaken Beavis and Butthead on the idiotic and oblivious scale. And that makes me happy, because it can only mean good things for the rest of the series, which I will be happily giggling along to.



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