Pub quiz, hotshot

Is there anything more pure of spirit than the humble pub quiz?

Well, yes. Lots of things. Especially spiritual things. Especially spiritual things that are pure of spirit. In fact, the pub quiz isn’t really humble. Nor is it pure of anything, least of all spirit. Unless you count the shite hard liquor most pubs serve, but that’s not very pure. Horrible stuff.

*sips Belvedere*

*looks smug*

Still, the pub quiz is fun, and is something you should always have an interest in. It’s always fun to pre-judge them, especially based on the establishment it’s in. “Oh it’s in a shithole where wankers go – it must be a piss easy quiz for idiots!” your brain will say.

Then you lose horribly.

“Oh it’s in a mid-range pub but your team is made up almost entirely of neuroscientists – it might not be an easy quiz but you’ll definitely win because they’re all well smart!”

Then you do win, solely because you are the only person on the table who knows of the existence of Hale and Pace. Truth blast right there, kids.

Then there’s the events during said quizzes: the idiot know-it-all (hello); the cheat; the one who gets the right answer then corrects themselves to the wrong answer; the old bloke who waddles over and gives you the answers that are seemingly always about politicians from the 60s. It’s a crew of archetypes, but it’s one that never stops being entertaining.

Basically, the act of being asked some questions while surrounded by booze and people who Want To Win is great fun, and I am craving a pub quiz right now.

Plus there was that time I got the answer of Manitoba correct, solely because I know who Chris Jericho is. Wrestling: it’s conductive to a good pub quiz experience.



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2 responses to “Pub quiz, hotshot

  1. Dan

    remember that time at the well when we all stood around the jukebox laughing at all the hilariously shortened band/song names? those were the good days, and sort of related to pub quiz machines, which is what i thought you were on about until just now when i realised you meant real quizzes..

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