Ghost stories for 28-year-olds

I’ve been mildly captivated by Reddit’s ‘glitch in the Matrix’ stories today, reading through them at a leisurely pace – I’ve also been glued to Twitter, but that was for very different reasons and seems to have died down now. Anyway, Reddit – it’s basically been a long thread of people telling weird, strange and some really rather creepy stories.

Now I’ve actually stopped myself from reading certain ones when I’ve seen where they’re going. See an old woman in a house, ‘she died years ago’? Yeah, I’m okay with that. Dream where you speak to a deceased relative and they give you good advice? Okay, that wouldn’t make my head explode. The less-creepy ones with things you think you’ve lost appearing in your hand or blinking and 10 hours passing? Fine, okay – time travel, quantum mechanics, whatever.

But there are certain things I cannot stand, and one of them is photo stories. You know the type. And those types are on there. Phantom hands appearing in shot and nobody knowing who they belong to, hazy figures staring at the lens from the background and, best of all, a sleepover attended by a handful of people with nobody else in the house that ended up with photos of all of them sleeping.

Yeah, just writing that has creeped me the fuck out.

But when I think about it, I can’t come up with a single time something like this – a glitch moment – has happened. At least not beyond déjà vu, or finding something where you least expect to. I’ve seen strange lights in the sky, I’ve heard weird noises at night and I often see things in my peripheral vision, but all of it is easily explained away.

There is a photo of me that has a ghostly apparition on it, but said apparition is just my face. Scary, yes. Supernatural? No.

It annoys me that this stuff freaks me out. I’m not a particularly superstitious person, nor am I in any way religious. I don’t actually believe in ghosts, the afterlife or any of that shit (aliens is a totally different matter, in case you’re wondering, because it’s pretty much impossible for them not to exist BUT LET’S NOT GET INTO THAT).

Yet someone tells me a story about a photograph with a phantom hand in it and I shit myself. And it gets in my head. And I can’t stop thinking about it. And I just saw something moving out of the corner of my eye…


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