The double standards of a stupid brain

It’s funny how you can start to get annoyed with things when you really shouldn’t be. The sorts of things where you stop and take a single step back to see that, actually, what you’re having to do is pretty sweet and your younger self would have bitten your own future-hand off to be able to do it.

Even though the past self would grow up to be doing it and in actual fact if it did bite off future-self’s hand it might cause some sort of paradox that would change the flow of time and mean that past self ended up not doing what it would have otherwise been intended to do…

Unless it was meant to bite the hand off and this has always been and forever shall will this am, as though ‘I am attempting to travel back in time – you will know I have been successful if Tuesday comes after Wednesday and Germany does not win the war’, as one of my rotational background images says.

What? Oh yeah.

I work in a job that involves playing videogames. This isn’t all of the job, but it is infinity% more of the job than it is in 99.9% of other jobs. Hence it is a lot compared to the normal, everyday scrote. Regardless of how much it is, I get to do it. And it’s good, because playing videogames is fun – that’s why they exist; to be fun and kill boredom.

Yet I am still capable of getting a bit annoyed when I have to spend an entire weekend shifting between a selection of games to play. It’s my own fault in the main part, taking on extra work – it is work – but that doesn’t preclude me from highlighting the fact that, as a result of juggling between half a dozen or so titles this weekend, I’m feeling a bit annoyed and like I’ve wasted the weekend.

Contrast this with a standard weekend where I don’t go out, where I would likely do exactly the same, except with less games and no necessity to do any of what I am doing. Those weekends I like. This one – ostensibly the same – I am annoyed with.

There is no logic in this brain. Maybe a future incarnation of myself will come and explain it all to me one day. For now, BEDTIME.

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