New project A GO GO

The Wikipedia blackout the other day has made me appreciate the site even more.

No it hasn’t – that’s a lie. I’ve always massively appreciated it.

Still, the blackout did scare me into a mindset of ‘the internet could end at any minute, better take in as much of it as I can’. As such I’ve been trying to memorise most of Wikipedia for the last… ohhh… thirty minutes or so. Have to say with a hangover and very little awareness of how to read right now I am struggling.

Apparently the Boshin War was something to do with… porn?

Ah, no – just getting my opened tabs mixed up there. Sorry.

I reckon this project, which I am now dubbing Project Wicked Peado, won’t take too long to complete. In fact, if I keep at this whole reading thing my calculations have me as having memorised approximately 37% of the site by 12pm tomorrow.

Not bad going for a street kid from Manila. Even better going from someone like me.

I’ve just decided to change the project’s name after having re-read what I just christened it. It is now known as Project Wicked Cool Paedo. That’s better – less likely to be misunderstandings there.

More Wiki-knowledge I’ve just learned: NAMBLA – the North American Man/Boy Love Association – isn’t a construct of South Park. It’s real.

Something else I’ve just learned from Wikipedia: America is fucking insane. In the best and worst way.

Fuck SOPA, PIPA, the DMCA or whatever it is (I haven’t got to that yet in Project Wicked Cool Paedo, so I don’t know what it is) and anything else that aims to protect the financial interests of the few over the free-sharing of knowledge and creative endeavours of the many.

Well, the creative types, at least.

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