It’s ethical when I need it to be

I think it’s fine to have some sort of standards when it comes to what you purchase. Know where what you buy comes from, or know something about the company that makes it, or know what evil practices the likes of Iams are involved in.

It means you can opt out of purchasing items from dodgy places. But you can’t always do that, unless you’re… I don’t know… more caring and careful than I am, I suppose. Real people can pay attention to the companies they don’t buy from – I just don’t buy Nestle or Iams.

Definitely changing the world here.

But then there are times when you can allow yourself to break the rules, and times when – even though they make clothes entirely from baby skin and the tears of newborn calves – it can be justified that you purchase something from them. That very situation popped up today.

A walk to work, as I am known to do with my steely thighs pumping away, was accompanied by a shit-ton of rain (note: not a metric shit-ton). Rain I do not fear: it does not bother me. I could walk through it for ages without it ever effecting me in any meaningful way – I’d say as much as 38 minutes before I’d have to give up.

Today I almost had to give up early, as my trainers had decided they no longer wanted to have a bottom on them. I like to think I get my money’s worth from trainers, and it seems I got a bit more from this pair as they have worn through in two places on the left shoe.

This meant a very wet foot indeed.

I had to salvage the situation – personal comfort was at stake, as well as the fact that some people at work were forced into seeing my naked foot. That’s when the decision was made. A soggy walk was had, the store visited and…

Today folks, Primark saved my life. For dirt cheap.

(Also I got a new hoodie and some socks)


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