Learning true maturity

I am sincerely lad I managed to get beyond the stupid period in my life where I thought I had to take things seriously. Some might go so far as to call it my pretentious period, but I’m far too dumb and uncultured to be truly, properly pretentious in any meaningful way. Also I was a fat nerd, not a hipster.

Now I’m a less-fat nerd.

Still not a hipster.

But basically I loved Independence Day when I first saw it. In fact, I went to the cinema to see it something like four or five times. I was 12. It was perfect for me. In the year it took to come out on video, though, something happened in my mind. Something like the Kevin transformation ala Harry Enfield.

I found when we bought the film on VHS (HAH A HA HAHAHA THE PAST) that I no longer enjoyed it. I found it stupid. Irritating. Jingoistic to the point of causing offence. I still laughed at “welcome to Earth”, because that’s funny. But generally speaking I had ‘matured’ in that year and become someone who was above it.

I felt like that for a long time. I didn’t watch the film again for years. Then university came around, and with it exposure to exactly the kind of attitude I didn’t even think of – I’m not even sure I knew of. That attitude was to switch your brain off and  just go with it.

So what if it’s all about America saving the world (because they are the world)? So what if all the foreigners are represented as hideous stereotypes? So what if you can destroy an entire alien battleship just by blowing one single gun up? So what if ALL OF IT?

Oh, but I won’t allow criticism of the ‘hacking an alien ship with an Apple Mac’ thing, because that was explained in a deleted scene. PLOT HOLE: FILLED-ish.

And straight after it I’ve watched District 13: Ultimatum. Today is a good day for not needing my brain.

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