War orphans: don’t know real suffering

I do wish everyone else in the world didn’t exist so I didn’t have to put up with fucking moronic decisions of the highest order. The kind of decisions that make you both angry and sad at the same time.

Imagine seeing a large man kick a puppy at a wall, for example.

Not an example of what I’m talking about, no – this was an example of something utterly hilarious.

Alright, not really. I want a puppy, and when I eventually get one I will not let any big men near it for fear it will get kicked at walls, even if the entire reason I have that fear is because I invented that situation to make some haphazard point.

Anyway, I’m not in the best of moods with pretty much anything right now. I’m going to try and play some ridiculously nerdy and deep space-based strategy games on my laptop before crawling into bed and wishing my life away, rather than getting off my arse (figuratively and literally) and actually doing anything.

Still, there’s every chance I’m going to embarrass myself – or just get embarrassed – in front of Brian Blessed later this week. Every cloud has a mild distraction, as they always say.

Oh great, now Steam isn’t working so I can’t even download the damn game I wanted to get. Cheers, world. Those war orphans don’t even know they’re born, lucky bastards.

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