Pontins, Prestatyn and hell: THE SAME THING

I was meant to spend around 72 hours total in Pontins, Prestatyn, North Wales to attend a massive gathering of nerds at a sci fi convention. Yes, really.

The ingredients were there – VIP/press passes to get access above the peons (PEONS I SAY), Brian Blessed, the fact that I am a massive nerd and love sci fi, booze, a ‘gold’ standard chalet to stay in, some time off work.

Yeah, we managed about 40 hours before abandoning ship. The convention itself, while lacking in communication to tell people everything had gone wrong as a result of a train derailment in London, was fine – what you would expect. Wonderful nerds everywhere, as well as those awful nerds you hate and those ones you can’t actually believe are nerds because… well, they’re ‘normal’. Well, they look it.

The events didn’t really draw me in too much, but that’s nobody’s fault. It was the place. Prestatyn is one of the most miserable places I have ever walked through for a few minutes. The Pontins we were located in was one of the worst places I have ever seen, with the phrase ‘prison camp’ bandied around more than enough times to discount mere coincidence in people’s choice of words.

Rather than complaining though, I am going to do something I never do: look at the positives. The positives are that I realised I have experienced something really, really bad that I will not have to experience again in the near future. Or ever, actually. Because I’m certainly not going back there.

Other positives? Nope. It’s all bad from here, and I’ve done enough complaining for now. I’ll have enough in me to complain more in about… oh… five minutes?


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