SUPERBOWL WINNER, also: how to score cheap hits on your blog

I still don’t care about American football, regardless of how much it has grown in popularity in the UK over the last however many years. I get bored watching it, I don’t follow it anyway so have no idea about any of the teams (I liked the Raiders as a kid because of the logo, and the Rams because I had a hat of theirs given to me by my favourite teacher (confusingly, I would go on to dislike LA in later life)) and I’m just not bothered in any real way. It’s not an attack; I don’t want you to rush to the sport’s defence like I know you’re champing at the bit to. I’m just not a fan.

Yet I have nothing but good memories associated with it. Warm ones, even. Sexy ones? Not so much. Cheerleaders aren’t really my thing, nor are men built like particularly hefty fridges.

See, we used to have a rather clever setup in an old house in Leeds, where the living room had not one, not two, but… well, actually we just had two… TVs. One telly would play the shit we all love so much to watch and definitely care about, like Corrintonation Stratus and Eastburgers, while the other would generally play Pro Evolution Soccer in whatever incarnation it was up to at that point.

Strangely, there was a time when PES was favoured over FIFA in my life – it was a long-ass time, actually, from the age of Quite Young to Just The Other Year. And it seems the tide is slipping back in favour of PES, what with FIFA doing its best to fuck everything up with each passing year.

But that’s another rant for my actual job.

Anyway, our play sessions would last a long time, and on the TV playing actual TV would often be things like real football or American football, the latter especially on the late night sessions. Which were quite frequent, as few of us worked proper jobs at that point.

Anyway, cutting this short as I’m tired and I’ve just remembered I have a proper job – well, “proper” – I have warm memories of gridiron because I associate watching it with fun times. Simple as, really. Good how I can make such a thing which could have been surmised in less than a sentence last all of 400 words.


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