Presenting oneself online

I’ve seen it time and time again, and time and time again I’ve just not cared: people worrying that their online presence will affect how others (usually potential employers) will see them. Censor this, cut that out, bite your keyboard-shaped tongue here, for god’s sake under no circumstances let anyone see what you’re actually like. But I, generally, don’t buy into it.

Though I have removed a couple of photos from Facebook recently. It was a little too naked for my liking.

I know this will come and bite me in the arse at some point in the future and I’ll end up not getting my rightful job as King Of All Everything thanks to a single, wayward tweet made privately that I didn’t even publish nor did I actually type and I really only partially thought of the general feel of what the words might be rather than the actual fully fleshed-out sentence structure. But hey, if they’re going to judge me on that, screw ‘em.

(I am sorry hiring committee for King Of All Everything I am a good Ian and I love you and I want to be King Of All Everything and please don’t leave me out just because I tweeted something about you smelling of foisty anus I’ll toe the line I’ll wear the company colours I’ll even pretend I like it I do want this job)


And similarly, we put ourselves out there for people to see more of us than they ever could before, outside of potential employers. I do this blog, which I tweet, which is read by people I know and people I don’t know. Some things I’ve written about here have been very personal indeed, but I’ve still put them out here in the public domain for all to see.

It is, on one hand, a massive ego trip. It’s self-fellating nonsense that serves no purpose other than to say ‘hey everyone look at me!’ But it’s also a statement of intent – I have little to hide. Not nothing – nobody has nothing to hide, not even Gandhi (he probably fucked kids – we’ve all got our vices). But I put myself out here; I’m more public than I probably should be with myself, with my thoughts, with everything.

But it’s part of this intertubes thing I’ve grown up with. I still hide myself in places, I still play a role – act out a character, essentially – but I put myself out there, for good or for ill.

It really is going to bite me in the arse, isn’t it?


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