MMA I take up a new sport?

I keep meaning to sit myself down and actually pay attention to MMA. I know I would like it. This isn’t based on my love for all things wrasslin’, like I’m sure you would all naturally assume as you all know me so very well.

No, it’s because at one point in my life I was quite into boxing. A noble thport, as Chris Eubank would put it. It wasn’t driven by my own desire to watch men punching each other, more down to a brother who watched it and I happened to watch too. But for a time it was brilliant – I genuinely cared.

Prince Naseem Hamed was amazing. Lennox Lewis and his Big White Pants. Mike Tyson, though I missed his initial breakthrough when he was genuinely terrifying, was still good to watch even if he had turned into a rapist cannibal. Others, too – characters; people worth caring about and not having to be utterly manufactured to get by. Prince Naz especially, with his ridiculous entrances on a par with Apollo Creed before having a match lasting all of 30 seconds and knocking the pretender ‘spark out’. Man, boxing was great.

But boxing is shit these days. I forgot it even existed until Floyd Mayweather showed up on WWE. Then I forgot again until David Haye and whoever that other guy is had some bullshit fake fight the other day. I just don’t care about that shit. There’s nothing to get excited about, and it feels like too much of a showy, bullshit demi-sport with all the credibility of a games journalist*.

So I want to move onto something genuine. It’s showy, it’s got bluster and wanky elements behind it, but MMA has a hell of a lot of credibility. Plus I want to move beyond just watching highlight videos and knowing a couple of names, get a real appreciation.

I won’t, though. Because I’m too damn lazy to get into different things.


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