I am currently wondering why it is so many people have to ask ‘why’ when it comes to things people do/like/watch/dance/whatever.

Not in the sense it’s bad to ask why – I love asking why. I always want to know why. Not knowing why is pointless and stupid, and you should always at least make a perfunctory effort to find out why it is you’re doing whatever/going wherever/dancing as naked as you are. Curiosity is good and should be encouraged, always. Even if it can be a bit irritating.

No, I mean I’m wondering why people ask ‘why?’ in such a derisive fashion. It’s not a question put out there to find out the reasons behind your thinking, it’s a question put out there to dismiss what you’ve done/said/thrown/whittled/whatever as a stupid thing to do. It doesn’t say ‘why?’ it says ‘why did you bother wasting your time with that I am judgemental and a prat’ even though that takes it away from being a question and into other grounds of critical self-comment.

As is often the case, I’m as guilty as others even if I try not to be. This isn’t high-horsing, it’s just what my brain is thinking of right now. And right now it’s in a mood where it gets quite annoyed at a dismissive response of ‘why?’ when you tell people what you like, what you’re doing, what’s going on, how to do the Charleston to hardcore Belgian skiffle.

But it’s alright, because the only response you ever need to this question is the pure, undefeatable: ‘why not?’

Why not indeed.


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