Writer’s… something

It really is quite annoying when you suffer massive brain-death in the day and suddenly lose the ability to form coherent sentences full of… um… hmm…

Words, that’s the one.

Especially when your job is to make words appear out of nowhere. I mean, I could just sit and put random words in any order, but that doesn’t make for good reading. Usually. Let’s do a test:

Beef gammon ham steak sausage

Oh wait, no, I just ended up naming meat products. Try again. Less delicious this time:

Bottle hammock plinth jockey battery nuance pejorative homonym boxed able France other never

Actually that’s pretty brilliant, even by my usually-high massively high mega-standards. But the point remains: it’s not good to get a block in the ol’ noggin when you’re supposed to be doing a job that involves writing.

I can’t imagine this happening much if I worked down the pit, say. See, there you’re literally breaking through blocks on a day to day basis (at least if Minecraft has taught me anything). If you have a bit of a mental block, you just remember to hit shit and you’ll be fine.

Similarly I couldn’t envisage suffering problems like this if I were a fireman: stop the flaming thing from being hot and burny, or simply retrieve the feline from the deciduous natural feature. A mental  block wouldn’t stop me from doing much there.

Maybe it would have some negative effects on me if I were a blacksmith, but I could just hit my anvil for a while to act as if I was doing something, so there’s that.

I’ve been figuratively hammering my anvil at work today. The brain isn’t in it, and I’m not sure when it will be again (probably tomorrow, or after I’ve had RICE FOR DINNER AGAIN).

Seriously – it’s hard work when you have to rely on your brain so much to help you out and it refuses. You people who get to hit shit and throw things for a living don’t realise how lucky you are.

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