Facebook’s annual performance review

Seems that, just as with MySpace and all those other forgotten social networking things before it, I am getting bored of Facebook. I just don’t really use it anymore – my inanity can be nicely summed up in 140 characters and spat out in record speed on Twitter, and I get all the funny links I could ever need from there and Reddt.

But it’s not the end for that piece of crap yet. Sure, I don’t really use it to do anything much, important or not, and I’ve lost track of the amount of shit they’ve added to it or changed that I just haven’t kept track of like I normally would. But it’s still there.

Mainly because people click through Facebook to get to this blog. Yes folks, I’m a hit-whore. I want the hits. I crave them. Seeing that ticket go up to eight, nine whole people a week visiting this site is what gets me up in the morning and my main marketing push is through Facebook.

I find the AC13395 demographic is 93.5% more responsive to engagement via a long-established social network and the integration of multi-faceted blue sky out of the box thinking with matters of import going forward to the… stuff.

I am not very good at being a business speak twat.

Oh, plus I technically use it for work purposes, so that could be used as a viable excuse. Not just HIT GREED.

So you get a stay of execution for now, Mr Facey B. You bring me about one extra person to the blog every decade, I get to stare at photos of me every day and I use it as a chat thing. There. That’ll do for today. BYEEEE.


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