I wanted some grapes today. Didn’t get any. Grapes are too expensive.

I wanted some tuna too. Didn’t get any. Tuna’s gone up by about a quid over the last few months.

I wanted some ice cream as I had a hangover. Still do, on both counts. Ice cream is expensive and I don’t understand why.

I’ve even cut down on Clementine consumption. Those little orange orbs of pure godliness be too pricey. Shall have to get my own tree.

I also opted out of nuts, but that’s because of a completely different reason. Oh wait, no, it’s because nuts are fucking expensive.

Still, got some Jaffa Cakes so it’s not all terrible in first world problems land.

I have no leg to stand on with this whining, I know. I’m just annoyed because I wanted grapes, tuna, ice cream, nuts and clementines. And to put them all in a blender. And blend them. And drink them. Om nom nom.

The last bit may be a lie as a result of too much tiredness which is as a result of going out last night and having too much to drink and oh I’ve just realised why I can’t afford grapes, tuna, ice cream and clementines. Oh, and nuts. Don’t forget the nuts.


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