Mass debate

I’m all for intelligent discourse; calmly debating matters at hand and making points, only to have them countered by equally reasonable points. Not to say I’m any good at it, but the classic debate is a thing of beauty and can really bring people closer together – ratcheting up the mutual respect by a factor of Loads.

I mean, admittedly I do tend to find it hard to disguise my obvious disdain for what the other person is saying, making my discourse less than calm or reasonable. And true I will shoot a look of utter disgust at someone I believe has said something really bloody stupid. And I have been known in the past to lose my rag and literally shout at someone until they were verbally abused out of the ridiculous position they formerly held.

But calm, rational debate is the thing we should aim for. It’s what we as civilised people should strive for in the modern world if we are to better ourselves in any way. There is always place for argument, but rational debate should trump (tee hee) more aggressive courses of action every time.

Why do I make this laboured point? Well it seems some chap in a dress and silly hat has gone and said some rather dumb things about The Gays and their rights to get married. Some silly things about how it destroys sanctity, or some such bollocks they always fall back on.

And this is a point where, actually, rational and free-thinking debate should be shunned. It should be ignored and cast aside in favour of what I like to call a Scorched Earth Policy. That being, the bearded cunt in a stupid hat* spouting such near-sighted, selfish and utterly ridiculous bullshit should be simply told – by those in the highest office of our nation – to shove his stupid fucking costume up his arse, piss off back to his moronic little existence and continue to live his life as he should do: sometimes ridiculed, often ignored.


Anyway, back to today’s bout of all-consuming nostalgia.

*He doesn’t have a beard. The hat is stupid though.


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