Summer summer summer time… ish

I would complain that the sky has decided to do that thing it always does in Bournemouth where it defies all reasonable logic of seasons and goes ‘well warm’, but there’s no point.

See, while the idiots (“people” you might call them) are out in force, socialising and wearing shorts and not putting even flimsy hoodies on and having barbeques and abusing the beach facilities and generally pretending it’s summer out there when it’s not, I’m not that stupid.

See, it’s only about 15 degrees out there. That’s not even hot enough to bake a cake on the ground outside. You may think it’s ‘nice’ and ‘worth going to the beach for’ but you’re wrong, because lots of people will have thought that and do you know what lots of people lead to? Crowds. You know what’s rubbish? Crowds. I have many more reasons you’re stupid and wrong and shouldn’t go out, but I’ll leave them for now.

Sure, some could say this is the embittered deflection technique of a man who has, through his own choice admittedly, been forced into staying indoors all day so that he can get work that needs to be done done. And sure, he might actually not mind it that much because once the work’s done he can play Mass Effect 3 and who cares about talking to real people when you can take Crispy Shepard flying around the galaxy huh?

And yes, this same person might have shot some jealous glances at the ‘youngsters’ gallivanting around in their summery clothes pretending they actually like each other and are going to have fun and… oh.

I don’t even want to go outside and play. I’m just mildly irked because I feel I have to stay inside. That’s a metaphor for the right to live free, or something, right there.

And now I have it in my head all the Daily Mailbots claiming prisons aren’t punishments and are easy and fun and it’s definitely not horrible to have your freedom taken away from you and… sigh. Back to work.


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