Holiday pant time

I am now at the beginning of a week off. I have mentioned this a few times, one because I’m needy and crave attention, demanding you all know what’s going on in my pathetic little life. And two, because I’m actually relieved at this fact.

I’ve had time off, obviously, but I haven’t had proper time to just sit and do fuck all, with no responsibilities, outstanding work, travel, other such shite to deal with for a long time now. Not since about this time last year, actually.

Not that there’s anything wrong with taking time off to go to Groezrock, or Portugal, or visit people wherever, or go home for super fun time funerals. It’s just good to know that the only thing I have planned until the Monday after next are to probably go out tomorrow* and go to see Doug Stanhope on Thursday.

That’s all I have to do.

I still have to do these blogs though, which is seemingly quite difficult judging by the fact I was totally unable to do one yesterday. Fortunately I can blame beer for that, rather than laziness or the inability to come up with a totally inane topic to waffle on about for a few hundred words.

But yes, as I’ve stated elsewhere: I’ve been picking out my finest pants, in which I will be sitting around in all week. Who knows – I might even tidy my flahahahahaha I can’t even finish that thought. Ridiculous.

*My wallet already hates me, not like I can make it much worse between the two of us.


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