TV Re-beginagain

The best thing is when you complete the long game you were playing a lot earlier than you expected to thanks to the fact you were sat still for about four days playing it non-stop and you think you have nothing planned to do and might have to, you know, leave the house or do some writing or something to break the monotony of the rest of your week off but then you remember there are TV shows you like that haven’t been cancelled and they’re still going and there’s loads of episodes you haven’t seen so you can “legally” acquire loads of episodes and have something else to put on your TV to piss away your time with.

Well, maybe it’s not the best thing. It is, however, a thing.

Much as I love re-watching Arrested Development for the 34000390593092092th time and slowly re-working through Battlestar Galactica just to see if the end of it is any less shit the second time around or viewing Firefly justonemoretime – it’s nice to have some other options that don’t involve the double whammy of requiring me to watch them for the first time and get used to a series I haven’t seen before.

I do so hate seeing new things. Apart from New Girl. I am enamoured with that ohIwonderwhy.

Anyway, this is a roundabout way of saying ‘South Park has restarted, How I Met Your Mother is nearly at the end of its seventh series and I forgot 30 Rock re-beganified months ago’.

What a fun read this has been.


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