Uplifting, isn’t it?

Well it’s taken a weekend and two-and-a-half days off work for me to get to the point where I’m bored. Not normal bored – I’m fine with that. No, this is the kind of bored where you feel like you’re not using the time properly.

You feel you aren’t using it properly because you’re not doing anything could “could and should” be doing. Part of the reason for that is starting new things scares you, but the main part is because you’re so bored you can’t see beyond the boredom into the world of bliss that could await you on doing something different.

That, or you’re even lazier than first thought.

So it is you sit there playing a pinball game for hours and coming to this blog about seven hours after you first opened the Word file. What could have had real time and effort put into it once again turns into a throwaway train of thought piece.

But it isn’t just the blog. Entire days to do something. I’m never going to be the kind of person who likes to go for walks, at least not when there’s no point to it or no person/dog to walk with. Going to the shops would depress me in innumerable ways. The thought of bothering to exercise fills me with the anti-glee.

I can’t even be arsed starting a game which I would have more than enough time to blitz through.

I should sit down and start something. Write something. Do what I’m supposed to be half-decent at.

But I’m too bored to be bothered.


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