Bieber naked Bieber sucks

That title up there is merely me showing my expertise when it comes to luring in internet traffic. I know how it works, so I know how to abuse the system.

I mean, I think we’re all aware that Justin Bieber is excellent, not naked and actually doesn’t appear at all in this blog apart from the couple of mentions here. And certainly not naked. No naked bieber pics here.

I did it again!

But what’s with this sudden demonstration of internet might? Well, I’ve been checking the stats – the facts and figures behind the scenes of this blog – and it doesn’t make for a pretty sight. Numbers are down since last year, average readers per day has taken a hit and there are far less comments than there used to be.

So it’s come to pass that… actually, wait, no – I don’t care. And I have to keep reminding myself of that because every time I look at those graphs and charts it hits the stupid unthinking part of the brain that craves success. Numbers measure success.

I automatically want the behind the scenes stuff to show green arrows pointing up with big numbers next to them, rather than red arrows pointing down (also with big numbers next to them).

But when rational brain kicks in again I remember why I’m doing this: not to get more hits, not to build up a following, not to impress you or even entertain any of you in the slightest. No, it’s just done for one reason and one reason alone.

To continually prove to Richard McCormick that I am better than him at saying I’m going to blog every day and then doing so.



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One response to “Bieber naked Bieber sucks

  1. I had my busiest day hits wise when I posted about Christina Hendricks being all nuded up. We’re internet geniuses. Or genie-i. Whatever.

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