Out of step, with the WOOF

I wanted to hit y’all with some deep-ass shit here, questioning the motivations of western society at large, proclaiming myself to be out of step with the world* and wondering aloud if anyone else finds it as utterly ridiculous as I do, at a very base level, that we not only live in but actively support a capitalist system that keeps the vast majority in glorified servitude for their working lives (and beyond: thanks Tories!).

But then I remembered I saw a dog this morning while I was walking to work and it sort of happily barked at me and smiled with a big, stupid slobbering face looking at my big, stupid slobbering face (I slobber when I walk fast (I walk fast all the time (some of the time))).

I remembered how I was in a foul mood, wandering along in the morning with my mind racing faster than my incredible walking speed. Then I caught eyes with this pooch and it just made me laugh out loud, because it was just so wilfully, uncaringly dumb. And happy.

And for a fleeting moment, it made me happy.

Then, later on, while explaining my feelings about things to friends and feeling the red mist descend once more, I looked across the park we were sitting in to see a puppy. A stupid, fat-faced golden lab puppy just flopping its stupid big paws around like a stupid idiot.

It found a stick. It had the time of its life with the stick. I was somewhat amused, and once again the anger dissipated; the mood lifted.

Anyone would think my brain is trying to tell me something. Probably that I want to slobber more while chewing on sticks. Might just take up crack instead.

*M’kay? (MacKaye)


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