Ian [LOVEHEART]z Muppets 4eva IDST

Well colour me annoyed*. I hold off on watching The Muppets** and when I finally do watch it, it turns out to be really bloody good. Annoyingly good, in fact. Not just managing to be funny and nice, but heartwarming in the right way and playing to the exact notes of nostalgia it needed to play to.

Could have done with a different celebrity to Jack Black, but there you go. Jason Segel more than makes up for that, because he’s clearly great.

So I just fell asleep and woke up to the above on screen, and I have little idea where I was going with this beyond some straightforward review-type-thing that I can’t actually be bothered doing now because that would make two in a week.

But I will go with this: The Muppets are and have always been excellent. Entertainment created for nothing other than the sake of entertainment, made to be enjoyed by everyone by a now-dead hippy who probably shouldn’t have allowed Dark Crystal to be made.

Just like Sesame Street is one of the finest creations of all time – though admittedly more limited appeal to everyone than The Muppets have.

I like this shit. I really, really do. They should just rename The Muppets ‘How To Get Shit Right’ and be done with it.

And then let me write for them, or something. I can do great jokes for Fozzy Bear.


**He says as if he did so on purpose.

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