Mock.. YEAH.. ing.. YEAH

The news that Dumb And Dumber 2 – a proper one with all the original people returning – is to get a sequel has made me reasonably happy.

Sure, they’ll fuck it up, it won’t be funny, they’ll try and do gross-out humour that no longer works and it’ll fall into relative obscurity about two weeks after it’s released. But shut up, it’s Dumb And Dumber 2.

See, the first film is still one of my all-time favourites. Just as with something like American Pie, I saw it at exactly the right time. I was 12. It hit a note. It hit all the notes. It was very, very funny. Quotable. Silly. With heart.

And it’s stuck with me all my life. It’s a film I genuinely love, from the joy in Lloyd’s voice when he returns to Harry with the mini-scooter that makes his crying his name sound like “HYAYRRY!” all the way to “killer boots, man” and “kick his ass, Sea Bass” and “pills are good” and laughing in mobster Joe’s face as he keels over from eating the chilli-stuffed burger and Lloyd’s reaction (in his head) to meeting Mary Swim/Swammi/Slippy/Slappy/Swenson/Swanson… Samsonite! I was way off…’s husband.

We’ve landed on the moon!

And, of course, the shitting scene. Which still makes me chuckle when Harry chuckles at his little squeaker to end the ordeal OR SO HE THINKS.

Basically Dumb & Dumber is my Citizen Kane. Without it I would not be like I am today. With it I am this wall of incredible humanity you see before you. The world is a better place because it exists, I am a better person and I like the fact a proper sequel is coming.

Or something like that.

We’re there!


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  1. Paps

    Don’t you go dyin’ on me!

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