Buckaroo Banzai, or: My Brain – The Movie

Odd. I’ve asked numerous times in the past for people to recommend sci-fi films for me to watch. I have seen a lot of them – certainly not all, but a lot. Generally speaking, the recommendations – while not bad by any stretch – are of movies I have seen, or ones already on my radar.

Or shit ones, of course.

Nothing wrong with that. It’s fine. It’s expected.

What isn’t expected is an off-hand comment to be made about something I have no idea about, which ends up being a sci-fi film that I go on to watch and it turns out to be exactly the sort of thing I’m looking for when I ask people for these recommendations.

Yes folks, I watched The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai Across The 8th Dimension the other day. And it was everything my brain wants a film to be.

Robocop himself Peter Weller? Check. Ridiculously-named main character who is a neuroscientist, inventor, daredevil, international spy/hero and rock musician? Check. The Kurgan from Highlander? Check. John Lithgow and Christopher Lloyd playing nefarious aliens? Check. ‘Good’ aliens all being portrayed by black Rastafarians? Check. Incredible electro-synth soundtrack? Check. Jeff Goldblum working things out by talking quickly to himself out loud? MEGA-CHECK.

I’m all for everything in films. Whatever. Not narrowing it down in any way, or pigeonholing my taste. Serious, non-serious, shit, good, whatever. But this film struck a note with me that very few other movies have done, and I’m actually ashamed in myself for not having known it exists until now, because it’s just my brain splodged out into a film shape.

Not to say I would be capable of writing or making anything like this, just that if any of that nonsense ever were to happen (it won’t), it would be like this. Wilfully daft and as tongue in cheek as it is deadpan – it makes me happy.

So yeah, there’s that.


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