In which you are called ‘humanoids’

Shit son, I could do some shit right now about Police Squad cos that’s what I’m watching, but I won’t do that cos I’ve done that too much.

I could do some mad-larious (mad hilarious) shit about that #AskRomney shit going down on Twitter and how that shit gives me hope for humanity because some people come out with some truly funny shit. But who cares?

I could spout some shit about the beers I’ve put in my face today, but that shit is boring and smacks of a 14-year-old boasting about how much he’s had to drink.

I could wax lyrical about squash and how Robinsons is amazing and cheap from Lidl and maybe this shit is being spouted because I just took a swig of it so that shit’s very much on my mind.

But… no.

Instead I’ll just leave it at this and go to bed. Night, humanoids.


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