Groezrock, part I

So, as I may have mentioned, we went to Groezrock over this weekend. It’s the second time I’ve been and the second time for a few of my mates too.

Some of the bastards have been going for years. Bastards.

Anyway, it’s held in Meerhout, Belgium (northwest, nearish Antwerp, small idyllic village where every house is unique and everyone is nice and there are cows and horses everywhere) and it sees bands of the punk rock and all its many subgenres and related, complementary genres playing there.

I like it. It is cheaper than British festivals to attend, even though it’s in another country, and it hosts bands I actually give a shit about. Well, not always. I mean, obviously I love Terror – who doesn’t? But yeah. Whatevs.

But what was the best thing about it? Bands like Hot Water Music, who played in a gruff and sweaty fashion that makes me question my sexuality because maaaan Chuck Ragan was sweaty. They were on too early, they didn’t play long enough and they didn’t play all of the songs I wanted them to, the selfish bastards, but they were still – somehow, even though all these faults reared their heads – utterly brilliant.

Best part? Opening with Remedy, as it made the hairs on my neck instantly stand up and I remembered why I fucking love this band.

Bands like None More Black showing me why I am justified in not ever bothering listening to them, because they were just a bit boring.

Best part? Correcting Rich (OR WAS IT DAN I’VE FORGOTTEN) on his Undertaker knowledge (shaved head BOOM).

Bands like Belvedere, who just… ack. It was great. I wasn’t right at the front, but I was close enough to get the atmosphere, far enough away to not get battered in the many, many circle pits and surrounded by enough like-minded 1996-obsessed idiots who still love skate punk to sing like utter bellends all the way through.

Best part? The singer wearing the same shorts as me. OPPS.

Bands like Bouncing Souls just doing their thing and showing you just why they’re still doing their thing: they’re brilliant. Utterly, unquestionably brilliant.

Best part? 44 seconds. Goosebumps watching it back, and this is a band I’ve seen numerous times so it ain’t first-timers novelty emotion.

Bands like… oh, I’ll carry this on in a second part. HUSS.


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