Avengers something something review thing (7/10)

I just (well, 20 minutes ago) got back from watching Avengers Assemble Presented By Marvel In Film Form About The Avengers In 3D or whatever it’s called. So here are some vague thoughts I’ll get bored of writing part way through. GO:

It’s good. Really good, actually. It’s ‘just’ a superhero film, mind, so don’t expect your life to be changed if you hate watching things that are actually fun. And it’s a bit long, dragging a tad in the middle. But yeah – good.

Complaints about the bad guys being no-name, barely-faced tits can be headed off by pointing out this is a story of how a group of already-established individuals could come together and actually work together. It’s about the Avengers, not their enemies. See also: Loki as the main antagonist – established character, not actually pure evil and all that.

Wait, that’s too much like serious discussion of the film. Dangerous territory, this.

It’s very Joss Whedon. I have a mancrush on him. Sorry people who’ve decided it’s cool to hate him. I like his style. The snap finish in a moment you expect to be drawn out and last a while still surprises and amuses me. So there’s that.

Hulk is great, Thor is great, even Cap is great. Black Widow has an arse only challenged by that of miss How I Met Your Mother herself, Cobie Smulders as if that’s a real name oh according to Wiki it is.

Anyway. Good film. Good review, too. So tired.



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