You can call it The Future Cube

I’m still awaiting the time where everything I want – movies, books, games, TV shows, other things – is available in one device. One device I can carry with me wherever I go, hook up to any TV or amplifier or whatever. One device not limited to one set format, or one style of game, or one place where it can be used.

We’re getting there. The iPad shows you photos, lets you watch films you’ve downloaded and listen to music you’ve acquired. It lets you stream TV shows and movies. It lets you play games and blah de blah all the rest of it.

You’ve seen the adverts (made by dickheads for dickheads, natch).

But it doesn’t do everything. The games on it aren’t the games I always want to play. It isn’t a simple case of getting whatever film I want through it and hooking it up to the TV so I can watch it with proper sound and visuals. It doesn’t have Everybody’s Golf on it.

We’re getting there though. Will we get there? Dunno. Platform holders are too twatty and selfish and wouldn’t want One Device To Rule Them All. But hey, that’s not a discussion I’m about to have with myself at half nine on a Sunday evening*.

I’m only saying this because I’m running out of space to dump all the shit I have. The book box is full to bursting, the DVDs and Blu-rays take up All The Cupboard, games are littered everywhere. I even have a bag full of OLD SCHOOOOOOL photos, mainly old ones from when we were at school (uni technically, but why ruin a hilarious joke?).

So hurry up tech people – decide on a single, all-encompassing format that does absolutely everything I want it to do. Then space won’t matter as much and it will be one tiny thing off my mind.

*It really, really is. And it’ll be held out loud.


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