It has begun

I said it wouldn’t happen and, to be fair, it didn’t happen for a long-ass time. But I’ve just glanced to my left and from my seated position I have been in since about 2pm on Friday I noticed it’s been done. I have taken the step. And I didn’t even notice.

Yes folks, it’s yet another one of my elusive introductions that tells you very little and makes things out to be far more dramatic than they actually are. Anyone who has paid any attention over the last howeverthefucklong I’ve been doing this will know I will now reveal what I was alluding to, and it will be something silly and trivial that goes against the tense, nearly life-threatening nature I might have made it out to have in the intro.

Yes kids, it seems I’m now using my exercise bike as a clothes storing device.

I certainly didn’t make a conscious decision to do this, and I know for a fact one of the shirts hanging from it was only put there ‘for now’, though admittedly that was about two weeks ago. Now it has other clothes on it – even a towel.

How will I ever get through this? Now I’ve seen it for what it could be, how am I supposed to ever see it in its true light again? Its honour has been besmirched; its fate unbound. It will never be an exercise bike again in my eyes – only something that I think I should probably start using on a regular basis once more but I can’t really be bothered to and it’s alright that towel can stay on the seat for now I do need to use it soonish anyway so might as well keep it within easy reaching distance and I suppose I could hang a shirt or two from it and… no… NO…


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