Keyboard tech HOOOOOOO

I have just spent actual, real life minutes reading about keyboard technology. And you know what? I enjoyed it. I just had to quickly check I knew what a mechanical keyboard was (1. Shut up. 2. Of course I knew, I was just double checking) and ended up reading about… well, other keyboard tech. And it’s interesting.

And then I got irate for no real reason, because I remembered I have been mocked – to varying degrees – for giving a shit about my keyboard and what I type with.

Admittedly it’s not a great situation with this laptop. While I am used to the action it just isn’t as comfortable or good for my hands as a proper, well made ‘board (that’s a shortened version of the word ‘keyboard’) would be. And the G and / keys have to be jabbed to work. But it does a job.

But my keyboard at work is – for typing – excellent. It would be no good for gaming, but who can play any games at all on a four hundred year old iMac? NOT ME. It’s comfortable, functional and helps me do my job better than a normal keyboard would.

Yet I have genuinely, by real people, been mocked for using my own keyboard. For having the temerity to purchase something specially suited to my hands and job.

Would you go out and laugh at a builder for buying a hammer? Mock a baker for purchasing a bread oven? Dance a merry dance of mirth around a stockbroker for… wait, what the fuck do they do?

Anyway. No, you would not. It isn’t there to be silly, or different, or make me stand out or whatever. It is a tool. Like a nice pen, a reliable pencil, a great Dictaphone and a collection of notepads. Writer’s tools. I have them all.

Wait, shit – does that mean I’m a writer? Ohhhh crap.


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