An exercise in word recognition software

Seeing as I have plugged in and when Mike Whitlam I decide to start using speech to text recognition, which is proving quite interesting.

I wonder if what I’m saying a sentence like little white actually win all

I don’t have the stickiest accent and the I know as I am actually speaking quite clearly a so much so that you can summon as would be able to understand me, but for some reason desperate absolutely can recall a into what I’m trying to say All-Star an Jesus Christ just to worth watching.

Good at surely be a start of something wonderful because I don’t have done really screen glum what anti tank at just a staff at a comes out on a screen and watch it comes out on screen is on a stupid and anything I could ever come up with

It doesn’t even now had to do.  Directly what you’d think would be quite into the second a report recognition software to do an Italian stands a word I say it keeps on asking me what was bad and you wonder why people don’t really bother with word recognition stuck right now I can take the series ice when write a searing series series series and trying to save in a matter of an attack or word recognition technology I might try to save than any man of honor or word recognition technology

He is genuine and all I got genuinely wanna all the ones to things I had never used it get on with this

I don’t have the patience for this nonsense it cannot recover thing I’m saying it’s ridiculous clich what could I thank you for reading


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