PC Fest

I am now torn. Torn between three things that I can do, but can only really do one of them. Of the three. Let’s add an extra one thing to this, that being a fourth thing that I can do and have to do regardless, and that fourth thing will be ‘re-write this intro so it makes sense’.

Okay. Try again.

I have two things I can be saving up for right now, and it’s a case of one or the other. On one hand, it’s the roughly £1,000 necessary to go to Gainesville, Florida and attend The Fest in late October. This would be with friends, it would be over a week-and-a-bit, it would be absolutely brilliant.

It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and it’s something I feel the need to do this year, as spurred on by actually starting to Do Things again this year after some time convalescing/being a twat.

The second option, which would also cost roughly £1,000, is to purchase a new PC. Now normally this is a vanity thing or because, like in 2007, I wanted to play Supreme Commander (and admittedly part of the reason is because I want to play Starcraft II and Diablo III on super-high settings), but it also has foundations in legitimacy.

I do a lot of work on my PC and upgrading it to a higher standard, allowing me to use a keyboard that isn’t half-broken and edit videos in less than four weeks per minute modified would be excellent. This hardy little bastard is still capable, but I’d rather give it a classy retirement than wait for it to take its last breath before unceremoniously cannibalising it and shipping the piece out to needy kids/making jewellery out of it.

Safe to say, both of these options have their merits and both are necessary – though for wildly different reasons. My funding being as it is, I can only realistically go for one or the other. Attending The Fest would mean saving for a further god-knows-how-many months for a PC, while getting a PC would mean not having enough time to re-save for Florida.

It’s a pickle made all the more vinegary by the fact the third, and probably most sensible, option exists: to simply not spend the money I save. To, you know, save it.

But nah, that’s not going to happen. It’s going to be one of the first two. Unless someone wants to buy me a badass PC for my birthday in two months.

**This Self-Indulgent Post Brought To You By Self-Indulgence**


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