Ariel Futur (“A Real Future”)

I am involved a lot in gaming, hard as that may be to believe, and as such I have come to you from the future with a warning.

Let me explain: the future is a place you will all soon be, but if you’re involved in gaming in any real way you’re already there. It’s a fertile ground for new ideas – both good and bad – and as such is used as a sort of test bed for all the innovations – both good and bad – that come to the world. Usually the world of entertainment.

So here I am, bringing with me a warning from the future that is coming to you, normal, non-gaming folks.

You will soon enough have to be connected to the internet at all times to watch your DVDs/Blu-rays etc. Your downloaded films and music from iTunes will require an always-on connection otherwise the thing you have downloaded yourself to listen to or watch in the comfort of your own home, alone, will not function.

Secondly, you will soon start being sold DVDs/Blu-rays/whatever with extras locked out. Want the deleted scenes? That’s a £2 extra charge on top of the tenner you’ve already paid, thanks. Even though the extras are right there on the disc, you can’t actually unlock them without an extra fee. Because you are freeloading scum and need to be punished.

This one’s already part way there, but it doesn’t stop it from being a thrilling prediction: soon enough your collection of online wares – your films you downloaded, watched once and deleted to save space, safe in the knowledge you could re-download them at any point – will become inaccessible. It might be a change of the terms of service, a switch in ownership or the company might go under, but you will lose everything because – here’s the kicker – you never actually owned it in the first place.

You are nothing. You are scum. You are freeloading and never paying enough for anything. Give them more money. Give them your everlasting soul. Then give them a bit more. The future’s bright; the future’s shitty.

Just sayin’.


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