Striding through the ridiculous heat that shouldn’t be stridden through (I cannot believe stridden is a word) it became apparent that, in spite of having cashflow issues, I would have to take drastic hair action.

The mane was too thick. The sweat was too much. The discomfort was irritating me. Truly, my life for half of today was worse than anyone in the world could ever imagine.

So it came to be that the decision was made: my mind not dulled by the blanket of heat wrapping it so snugly, the decision-making process swift and nimble; a balletic choice made in a split second and executed with the cold, ruthless surety of a hired killer.

Basically what I’m saying is this morning I looked like this:

And now I look like this:

Sorry ladies.


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2 responses to “Hairpdate

  1. Oli

    You look very handsome.

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