Jubilee avoidance: success!

It’s amazing how well you can avoid thousands of people flocking to one city in the world when you just put your mind to it a little bit. While the bunting was out in force (two girls were wearing some last night, actually) and the Union Flags were being waved by near enough everyone, I and my friends did indeed avoid the vast majority of all the Jubilee-related shenanigans/crowds/rain.

How? By going places these idiots weren’t going.

That’s about it, really. No cute story. No strained metaphor. No laboured point stretched out over 300 words. Nope, I’m done making my point and now we’re just going to sit here in silence and act as if I’ve written enough here to sate your appetites.

Well, alright – I suppose it is a bit of a stretch to claim I did anything miraculous. I mean, how many Jubilee-followers would be going to an all-night cinema thing? How many would go to a most-of-the-day punkrockshow? How many would go to an Indiana Jones triple-bill?

Not many.

So yes, we avoided the majority of it. Yes, I barely stepped foot on a crowded tube carriage or bus. Yes, I didn’t see any disgusting outpourings of patriotism beyond some flag-waving by a group of Yanks. But it was all for a quite easily explained set of reasons.

Damn you, logic.


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