Opinion-Blocker 2000

I believe somebody needs to invent an app, a piece of software, some kind of plug-in or whatever so we can all have a safer, more enjoyable time browsing the world of the interwebs. It would increase individual enjoyment, reduce stress, keep unnecessary fury at bay and generally help us all avoid the traditional feeling that we need to kill all people who aren’t ourselves that we get after a session online.

Said app/plug-in/software/whatever would, of course, block us from being able to see, hear, read or in any way encounter the opinions of those we disagree with. It would be heavenly.

Now I know healthy debate is one of the best things about being intelligent, that you can engage in witty discourse, deconstruct entire concepts and rebuild them in the image your mind has conjured before having a duel of language the likes of which the world is only too happy to host because they’re so bloody clever. That’s great and all. But who cares? None of that shit exists on the interwebs.

So it is that you should be able to install something that cuts out all those annoying, dissenting voices. In a face to face debate there is a small chance of minds being changed, viewpoints redefined, brainpans expanded. In online ‘debate’ there is a chance of fury, bile, spittle, idiocy and possible tracking-down-home-address-and-murdering-on-doorstep.

And so, for the good of all humanity, we should ban it. I am not for censorship, but I am for maintaining the well-being of all of our hearts and minds. I am for the well-being of sanity. I am for the well-being of my own gosh darned brain.

And then, in this world where we no longer have to put up with the scores of morons proclaiming their godawful, stupid and downright foolish opinions to any and all – then we will finally be free of people being wrong about Prometheus being good.

Because it’s not. It’s a two out of five at best.

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