Post Office? More like NO-st Office! HA HAHAAAA

Not to sound like a lazy stand up comedian, but what’s the deal with the Post Office these days? Note that it’s written capped-up because it isn’t just an office at which you send post: it’s a brand, a shop, something with a Proper Name, or whatever the term is.

So basically, that’s the deal with it. It isn’t, unlike Ronseal, exactly what it says on the tin. It is a service provider, a place to go for more than just sending letters, a business like any other that has to diversify its portfolio in order to be able to survive – and thrive – in harsh economic times.

But why can’t they just do post and nothing else? I don’t mind waiting in a queue. I’m British, for The Queen’s sake, it’s what I do. But I do get mildly irked – enough to maybe let out a tiny, quiet sigh – when I’m forced to wait three, four, sometimes even four-and-a-half minutes until I can approach and sort out my business.

That doesn’t mean do a poo, though sometimes I’m angry enough to want to do that on the counter (no I’m not).

But it is annoying. It is. It’s silly to get annoyed, because you should know damn well what you’re getting yourself into seeing as the company advertises on telly that it does more than just the post. But when some arse is stood at the counter slowly trying to figure out their loan application or how to fill out a form for a loan – that’s just annoying.

And worst of all is the part where, when I approach with 12 parcels to send thanks to having to sell half my life on eBay, I feel like I’m in the wrong for taking so long to sort out my business. I feel like I’m in the wrong for asking for proof of postage, which takes a bit longer. I feel a bit bad for sending packages all over the world, necessitating the person behind the counter looking up how much it will cost.

When you feel bad for using a company for the main service it provides, surely there’s something a bit wrong there? Though at least they’ve stopped asking me if I want ‘any other services’ when I’m done. Unless they’ve also moved into the realms of specialist massage parlours, in which case I might have to see what’s on offer.


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