Levenson, Cameron and some CUTTING satire

David Cameron really, really is full of shit, isn’t he? A horrible, smug, testicle-headed prick of a man, conniving and dishonest, valuing personal ambition over any basic values or the notion of integrity.

But, onto more pressing matters: one, I need a new chair. This fold-up jobby I have here at my shitty desk is uncomfortable and weird, clearly not made for this purpose. And if it was made for this purpose, it was made by an idiot.

I could use the massive beanbag, actually.

Or I could sell the massive beanbag, come to think of it.

Two, I’m about to start watching Game Of Thrones. While I still have 270 pages of the second book left (I don’t read a lot), I’ve decided I need some Bean in my life.

Also I’ve been loaned it on Blu-ray, so I should really get it out of the way so not to hold onto it too long.

Three, I need a new desk. See “shitty desk” comment in point one (1). This paint-splattered thing is sturdy and sizeable enough, but it’s not quite tall enough and doesn’t feel like a proper workstation, which it should.

Otherwise I just end up using it sparingly, as I am doing recently, and I don’t play enough games on it. Because games are important. THEY ARE.

Four, does anybody want to buy a massive red beanbag? Barely used, birthday present from 2010, just sits being used as a bedside table in my room. Good working order.

So yeah, important things in life that keep my attention away from that cancerous anal polyp known as our lord and saviour/king of the country/whatever he is.


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