Self-indulgent nostalgia entry is GO GO GO

I’ve just done the bi-annual backing up of my photos – the only thing I’d genuinely be cut up about losing were I to suffer catastrophic mega-failure on the part of my hard drive. As such, I’ve been looking through them, as you do, so here’s some of them (photos).

They’re mainly of me, because I don’t know how pissy people (Ben) will get about being shown photos of themselves in the past. Also because I’m phenomenally arrogant. Also because I haven’t thought of a suitable topic to write about today.

The time I rang Gem at 5.30am to say happy birthday because I’d forgotten her birthday the year before:

The time I rang Babestation from Jack’s phone and told them “GET A REAL JOB, HIPPY!” then paid Jack for the resulting massive phone bill:

The time I looked like this with a behaired Ian Chaddock:

The time I told a fountain to fuck off:

The time Mike and I had a hilarious/intelligent debate in the pub in the summer and were sweaty:

The time I went home:

The time I apparently got bummed:

The time I was fat and played with a dog for ages:

The time I ran for governmental office:

The time I looked like this and wondered why people were nervous around me:

I have about 10,000 more photos, or something silly like that. I don’t think I’m going to post them all. WASN’T THIS FUN.


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One response to “Self-indulgent nostalgia entry is GO GO GO

  1. Tom

    You look very much like Adrian Edmondson there in that bottom one. Not a novel observation, I grant you, but an accurate one.

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